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EventCAD, LLC provides a web based solution for managing your route support needs. Ever have a participant call for assiatance and all they can tell you about their location is they are about 15 miles in on the 75 mile route. No more, with EventCAD, by providing your participants with a URL that can be printed in a QRCode that they can goto using a smartphone, you will get their exact GPS coordinates and EventCAD will even geocode the closest street address for their coordinates.

Some event types we support are walking, running and bicycling events. This service can even be used for motorcycle and car events. All the participent needs to be able to use this service is a smartphone with an internet connection. Simply supply your participants with the custom URL for your event, not only can they make a request from their phone via a custom webpage but they will be able to track that request also.

EventCAD not only will assist you with providing exceptional support for your event, if you currently provide support via amateur radio or another radio service, EventCAD will also cut down on radio chatter as many status updates can be done online via the interactive mobile support webpage.

For a low flat-rate fee per event instance you will get:

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